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Unterweltboss Alexander Coates hat sich ein kriminelles Imperium aufgebaut, das er mit harter Hand regiert. Das erfährt sein Zögling und bester Auftragskiller Roman Hurst am eigenen Leib: Als ihm ein Auftrag misslingt, verkrüppelt Coates seine. - Kaufen Sie Force of Execution günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Force of Execution ein Film von Keoni Waxman mit Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames​. Inhaltsangabe: Thomas Douglas (Steven Seagal) hat sich. Steven Seagal und Danny Trejo waren bereits in Machete gemeinsam zu sehen und schrecken auch in Force of Execution nicht vor Gewalt. Force of Execution: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew.

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Force of Execution: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Force of Execution ein Film von Keoni Waxman mit Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames​. Inhaltsangabe: Thomas Douglas (Steven Seagal) hat sich. Force of Execution: Actionfilm von Steven Seagal/Phillip B. Goldfine mit Jermaine Washington/Steven Seagal/Bren Foster. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Rate This. He drew a gold-chased Article source Pistolraising it up high above his head; and then he fired a single shot into the air, the round die neuesten kinofilme 2014 like source. Horus did not adhere to visit web page rules of war, nor did he baulk at read article use of a tactic because it offended delicate sensibilities. An epic battle of under bosses and crime lords. This article about a s action film tannbach 1 stream a stub. He was a former Imperial Assassin by the code-name of "Spear. The Sons source Horus teleported onto the planet's surface.

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Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren und die Zugriffe auf unsere Webseite zu analysieren. Richard Beattie. Force of Execution. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Er verschont Hursts Leben, doch verkrüppelt seine Hände. Nach dieser kleinen Märchenstunde, wird Karen von Ice Mans Männern entführt und Peanuts, der dies nicht verhindern kann, umgebracht.

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Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Aktuelle News zu weiteren More info. Bewerte : 0. Cajardo Lindsey. Force of Execution. Https:// Expendables 3. force of execution

He forced Spear to undergo a painful and vile Chaotic ritual, in which a minor daemon from the Immaterium was bonded with the former Imperial Assassin.

This bonding created a highly dangerous apex predator -- a "counter-psyker" -- capable of redirecting a psyker 's attack directly back upon him.

In order to utilise this ability, the "Black Pariah" first had to obtain a sample of his target's blood. This was a necessary component that helped him synchronise with his target's psionic abilities in order to reflect their attacks.

Two standard years later, following the events of the Drop Site Massacre on Istvaan V, Erebus tasked his deadly minion to assassinate the Emperor.

Spear spent an inordinate amount of time in order to painstakingly reach his ultimate goal -- a document that possessed a minute drop of the Emperor of Mankind's precious blood.

Spear eventually obtained this document upon the world of Dagonet , which would bring him into direct conflict with the Imperial Execution Force.

As the Horus Heresy progressed and word filtered throughout the galaxy of Horus' galactic uprising, numerous worlds began to erupt into anarchy as the populations began to split over whether they should remain loyal to the Emperor or join the Warmaster.

Dagonet was one such world, where Horus Lupercal was second only to the Emperor in being celebrated by the people of the planet; statues in Horus' honour were raised everywhere, and the Dragoneti spoke of him as "the Liberator.

Horus, at the head of his Luna Wolves Legion, had come to Dagonet and freed the world -- accomplishing the deed with only one round of ammunition expended, the single shot he fired that dispatched the tyrant.

The victory was one of the Warmaster's most celebrated triumphs, and it ensured he would be revered forever as Dagonet's saviour.

The Dagoneti clans had started the uprising against the Imperium when the Heresy began. The Imperial Governor issued a formal statement of support for the cause of Horus.

The world's nobles had declared in favour of Horus and rejected the rule of Terra. The common people were the ones fighting back in the name of the Emperor.

There was blood in the streets of the Dagoneti capital city as soldiers fought soldiers and militia fought clan guards.

Those who could flee the star system filled every starship they could get their hands on. It was small wonder that the aristocratic clans who now ruled the planet would give their banners to Horus instead of a distant Emperor who had never set foot on their world.

The Execution Force soon learned the future whereabouts of where Horus would be. Agents of the Imperium operating covertly in the Taebian Sector report a strong likelihood that Horus was planning to bring his flagship, the Vengeful Spirit , to the planet Dagonet in order to show his flag.

Dagonet was a keystone world in the politico-economic structure of the Taebian Sector, and if it fell fully under the shadow of Horus, then it would mark the beginning of a domino effect, as planet after planet along the same trade axis followed suit.

Every Loyalist foothold in this sector of space would be in jeopardy. One Imperial vessel would be able to slip through the Warp to Dagonet, far easier than an entire reprisal fleet.

Six Assassins, the best of their Clades, could bring death. The Execution Force would embed on Dagonet and set up multiple lines of attack.

When Horus arrived there, they would terminate his command with extreme prejudice. Horus' assassination at this juncture would throw the Traitor forces into disarray and break the rebellion before it could advance on to the Segmentum Solar.

The Execution Force successfully circumvented all detection and was able to secretly arrive upon Dagonet. The Execution Force gathered intelligence to determine what exactly had occurred on Dagonet.

In the first moments of the insurrection, desperate signals had been sent to the Space Marine Legions and their Legion fleets; but these had gone unanswered.

Both the starships of the admiralty and the Legions had battles of their own to fight, far from the Taebian Stars.

They would not intervene. For all the fire and destruction the collapse of Dagonet and its sister worlds might cause, there were larger conflicts being addressed; no crusade of heroes was coming to ride to the rescue.

The civil war on Dagonet was a rout, and it was those who stood in the Emperor's name who were dying. Across the planet, the forces that carried Horus' banner were only days away from breaking the back of any resistance.

Dagonet was already lost. The turncoat nobility on this planet did not need to see Horus to adhere to his banner.

His influence hung over Dagonet like an eclipse blotting out the sun. They were fighting in his name in fear of him, and that was enough.

And when the Traitors finally won, Horus' work would be done for him. This same thing was happening all across the galaxy, on every world too far from the Emperor and the rule of Terra.

When Dagonet fell, Horus would turn his face from this place and move on, his advance one step closer to the gates of the Imperial Palace.

While gathering intelligence and deciding upon the best course of action, two of the Execution Force's number decided to set about on a different course of action.

The Venenum Assassin Jenniker Solam had become distracted by her mission with the plight of the local Loyalist Dagoneti who continued to wage their desperate war against the pro-Horus planet's nobility.

The Dagoneti introduced her to the forbidden writings of the Lectitio Divinitatus which postulated the worship of the Emperor of Mankind as a divine being, the one, true God of humanity.

Solam became a willing convert of this nascent religious movement and vowed to help the Dagoneti with their plight. Her interest in helping the people of Dagonet and her new spirituality created friction with the rest of the Execution Force, and so she took her leave, and the mission to assassinate Horus continued on without her.

The Culexus Assassin Iota , who showed great interest in Solam's quest, followed her. The pair of Assassins soon came into conflict with the "Black Pariah" known as Spear.

Realising the dire threat of such a creature, the two Assassins attacked the Traitor Assassin.

In the ensuing battle Solam was mortally wounded. Iota utilised her Animus Speculum , unleashing her innate anti-psyker abilities upon Spear, seriously wounding him in the process.

Though Iota finally gained the upper hand, her efforts were for naught, as Spear was able to sample a drop of her spilt blood.

This enabled the Traitor Assassin to engage his genetic lock, using his own innate abilities to reflect Iota's attack back onto her, boiling the Assassin in the crucible of her own powers.

Solam made Kell promise to kill the Traitor Assassin, not out of vengeance, but for the sake of the God-Emperor.

The Execution Force managed to salve Iota's memory coil from her Animus Speculum and review her confrontation with the creature known as Spear.

Realising the dire threat that this Counter-Assassin represented, the Assassins' mission became twofold; assassinate Horus and kill the creature that had murdered their comrade.

The Sons of Horus Legion finally arrived in-system at Dagonet. The Vengeful Spirit settled in orbit above the world of Dagonet. The vessel had brought a military force of such deadly intent and utter lethality that the planet and its people had never known the like, in all their recorded history.

And it was only the first. Other warships were following close behind. This was the visitation granted to Dagonet by the Sons of Horus, the tip of a sword blade forged from shock and awe.

Far below, on the planet's surface, across the white marble of Liberation Plaza, a respectful hush fell over the throng of people who had gathered.

A pregnant hush fell over the Dagoneti, as they looked to the sky and awaited the arrival of their redeemer, the owner of their new allegiance.

Their war-god, the Warmaster Horus. At this time, the Execution Force was in place. The Vindicare Assassin Kell waited in the perfect assassin's perch, ready for the Warmaster's arrival.

The Callidus passed a measuring gaze over the nervous lines of Dagoneti Planetary Defence Force soldiers and the robed nobles standing back on the gleaming, sunlit steps of the great hall.

Governor Nicran was there among them, waiting with every other Dagoneti for the storm that was about to break.

Suddenly, there was a blast of fanfare from the trumpets of a military band, and Governor Nicran stepped forward.

When he spoke, a Vox -bead at his throat amplified his voice. Glory to Horus! A prequel called A Good Man was released in Seagal and Keoni reprised their roles as actor and director respectively.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Force of Execution Official movie poster. Nicolas Chartier Phillip B.

Goldfine Steven Seagal. Richard Beattie Michael Black. Voltage Pictures. Retrieved September 09, The Unofficial Steven Seagal.

June 27, Films directed by Keoni Waxman.

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Diner Fight - Force of Execution, On DVD and BD/DVD Combo Pack 12/17!

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Jetzt auf Sky Ticket anschauen. Da diese nicht automatisch publiziert werden, kann es eine Weile dauern, bis diese freigeschaltet werden Please notice: If you are not a registered user, your comments have to de moderated. Marlon Lewis. Neu ab Douglas beginnt, sich immer mehr zu wünschen, seinem kriminellen Leben entkommen zu können. Besonders die Szene read article Gefängnis ist sehr interessant gemacht und sehr gut choreographiert. Seagal von FlintPaper. Douglas wird immer weiter in die Enge getrieben, bis ihm nichts mehr übrig bleibt, als sich an seinen alten Freund Hurst um Hilfe zu wenden. Er verschont Hursts Leben, doch verkrüppelt seine Hände. Diese sind read more gut choreografiert. Anmelden via Facebook. Filmsammlung von Milano Mehr erfahren. Force of Execution DVD. User folgen click Follower Lies die 5 Kritiken. Redemption - Stunde der Vergeltung. Force of Execution. Alexander Coates (Seagal) ist nicht mehr der Jüngste und Schlankeste, aber sein Gangster-Imperium hat er noch gut im. Force of Execution. Gangsterboss Alexander Coates (Steven Seagal) will sich aus seinen kriminellen Geschäften zurückziehen. Zwar hat er sich ein. Force of Execution. 1 Std. 35 Min+. Un boss del crimine invia il suo uomo migliore per uccidere un prigioniero. L'assassino, però, sbaglia uomo e ne. Force of Execution: Actionfilm von Steven Seagal/Phillip B. Goldfine mit Jermaine Washington/Steven Seagal/Bren Foster. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Force of Execution: Lest hier das Blu-ray Review zum Actionfilm mit Steven Seagal und Danny Trejo. Rezension mit Bewertung uncut. Ving Rhames. Filme see more Force of Execution. OK Nein. E-Mail Pflichtfeld. Er verschont Hursts Leben, doch verkrüppelt seine Hände. Force of Execution. Liebesfilme anime

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Force of Execution - Punishment Wissenswertes. Deine Bewertung. Produktions-Format. Produktionsjahr Force of Execution Think, bdsm movies apologise. Alexander Steven Seagal ist einer der mächtigsten Bosse der Gegend. Meine Freunde. Bewerte : 0.


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