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In OSS - Er selbst ist sich genug! schickt Regisseur Michel Hazanavicius Jean Dujardin als Agent Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath zurück an die Arbeit. Er ist ungeschickt, ungebildet und unwiderstehlich: Frankreichs Antwort auf James Bond - Agent OSS ! Format: Prime Video (streaming online video). Frankreichs Antwort auf heißt Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath alias OSS (​Jean Dujardin). Sein Einsatzgebiet ist der Nahe Osten, wo er a) einen. OSS - Der Spion, der sich liebte ein Film von Michel Hazanavicius mit Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo. OSS – Der Spion, der sich liebte ist eine. Diesmal nimmt Geheimagent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, alias OSS , Südamerika ins Visier. In Rio soll der Spion eine Liste mit den Namen ehemaliger Nazi.

oss 117 stream

OSS - Der Spion, der sich liebte ein Film von Michel Hazanavicius mit Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo. OSS – Der Spion, der sich liebte ist eine. Nach dem mysteriösen Verschwinden seines Kollegen OSS (Philippe Lefebvre) entsendet Frankreich OSS nach Kairo, um mal eben. Search this site. Home · *00N(HDp)* Film O Palhaço Streaming Deutsch · *​01x(HDp)* Film Another Happy Day Streaming Deutsch · *0fI(HDp)*. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Certificate: Tous publics Comedy Drama. Official Sites. I Feel Click at this page Please try again later.

Arsene Mosca as Loktar. Abdallah Moundy as Slimane. Abdellah Moundy as Slimane. Eric Prat as Plantieux.

Richard Sammel as Moeller. Michael Hofland as Von Umsprung. Marc Bodnar as Bar Owner. Bernard Nissille as Man at the Airport.

Alain Khouani as Receptionist. Diego Dieng as Bell Boy. Mouloud Ikhaddalene as Princess's Helper. December 17, Full Review….

November 7, Full Review…. January 28, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Jul 11, There are some really hilarious parts in this movie and Jean Dujardin is too great as secret agent OSS Dujardin really makes the movie as good as it is.

Berenice Bejo is charming and stunning as "the Bond girl" Larmina. The only problem is that most of the laughs are packed into the first half of the movie while the second half actually kind of drags.

I was certainly entertained by this movie, especially in the first half. Kevin M Super Reviewer. Jul 04, OSS is a near perfect comedy film that parodies the spy genre very well.

Actor Jean Dujardin is great in the title role, and he is very funny in his part. Unlike many other spy film parodies, this film is genuinely funny and is a near flawless film altogether.

The film succeeds due to great directing and acting. The plot is great as well, and the jokes are well written, and are actually smart, and work well enough to make this a memorable comedy film.

Unlike films like Johnny English which fail to deliver memorable laughs and a good story, OSS relies on a good script peppered with smart gags that are definitely not stupid, like so many other spy spoofs.

This is a great comedy with a wonderful cast. Brilliantly directed by Michel Hazanavicius, this is a fun film from start to finish.

Dujardin gives the film its charm, and he's perfect for the part. I very much enjoyed the film, and it's far better than films like Get Smart, and even Austin Powers.

This is a well written film with a great cast that are just great to watch on-screen. This is one of the best comedies that I've seen and is a must see for comedy fans who want an effective spy film parody that actually makes you laugh.

OSS is a wonderful film that has all the ingredients of an effective comedy. This is a brilliant film that is very different than most comedies.

If you enjoy a great comedy film with plenty of laughs, then 0SS is the film for you. A brilliant film that is aided by a great cast, this is one of the finest French comedies ever made.

Alex r Super Reviewer. May 06, The first of the new OSS films, this was the first ever collaboration between Michel Hazanivicius, his wife Berenice Bejo, and the impressive star, studly Jean Dujardin.

Though I did like the second of these films better, there is such an amazing style, energy and creative blend to this film. The scenery, the look of this film is pointedly OSS original, taking something from the old spy series from the sixties and also being something new and beautiful.

The lead character is sexist, egotistical, and stupid not ignorant. That's forgivable. While most parody spy films have the bumbling lead given understanding, OSS is shot at, kidnapped, and shown no mercy, even in the face of his romantic lead, portrayed by the gorgeous Berenice Bejo.

I loved the myriad of plot, the humor, the music, the picturesque views that are oh so clean and bright. It looks and feels like the Brits' James Bond films while having the suave texture and feel of the French cinema, and the humor of a Steve Martin film from the seventies, almost fitting with the time period of this film.

In short, the plot wavers between interesting and insanely confusing, if only because I do not have the attention span to look between Jean Dujardin being the goofy lead and the villain putting on a sneer while delivering his seminal evil genius speech.

Really, it's again Dujardin who steals the show from the wiley temptresses and the melodramatic Nazis.

It's his toothy grin and duplicitous insults that make this film into a very lewd comedy, though he does spar with Bejo a number of times, and seems reverent of his co-stars with maturity and childlike wonder.

I look forward to more collaborations between Hazanavicius and Dujardin, as they have now made at least three films together, all of which I have found light and captivating.

Hopefully Dujardin will have a sprawling career as the comedic relief, stupid and charming all at once.

Spencer S Super Reviewer. Mar 17, A surprisingly hilarious French comedy from the director of The Artist, the humor in this movie translates flawlessly.

Jean Dujardin plays a very stupid spy who goes to Cairo to investigate the disappearance of another spy. The movie's humor is far from subtle, but it pokes fun at the spy genre in hilarious fashion.

Who,in Mr Lead 's house, helps the villains get the stuff? Mr Lead himself? Jacques, a clueless opportunist is obsessed with finding the project that will make him rich; he decides that the only answer lies in offering cut-price quickie cosmetic surgery.

Agent OSS infiltrates an organization that specializes in political assassinations, by assuming the identity of one of its top assassins.

An American agent disappears after a scuba diving reconnaissance mission in Corsica. Ogill's family struggles to connect the two ends.

From deep debts to private bailiffs, through quick wealth schemes, Sam, Mary and their two children survive by collecting, repairing, and selling them on eBay.

On the train to the death camp, in a desperate gesture, the father throws one of his twins out into the snow, where he's discovered by a childless Polish couple.

The third entry in secret agent OSS 's parodic spy adventures. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Dashing, dangerous and a pretty good shot most of the time , Hubert is France's answer to James Bond and god help anyone on the wrong side of his good intent!

The exotic settings Germany and then Cairo , and cheerful performances by the entire cast make this a movie I know I'll watch over and over.

Berenice Bejo is petite, feminine and oh so lovely that it's hilarious when she finally loses her cool trapped within a pyramid.

And every scene she shares with the sexy Jean Dujardin as Hubert are sweet and funny. How she keeps a straight face sometimes is amazing!

They show a tiny bit of their dancing ability in this movie, which shows up for real in The Artist in as she teaches him how to "mambo" in 10 seconds.

They remind me of William Powell and Myrna Loy of the 30's - they have charm, great chemistry and you wish they'd make 50 films together.

Especially if it's wriiten and directed by Michel Hazanavicius. It's hilarious from start to finish. And the gag reel is so funny you'll wish you'd been there during the filming.

A great looking film, a funny as all get-out film, and a wonderfully acted film with charm abound. I happen to have been a fan of Jean Dujardin long before he won the Academy Award for The Artist, and this is one of two spy films spoofing James Bond movies by substituting a look-alike who hasn't a brain in his head and who goes blithely through assignments ridiculing religious and social traditions - like killing a Muslim summoning the faithful to prayers from his minaret, because the call disturbs Dujardin's sleep.

Put your tongue thoroughly in your cheek, forget the slaughter of French cartoonists by outraged religious, and just enjoy watching stupidity win the war with the enemy.

One person found this helpful. This is so funny. It is an absolutely perfect spoof of Sean Connery's James Bond who I hate; I know I'm probably the only one but Daniel Craig is the best by far; except for Skyfall, again I'm probably the only one who hated it.

I highly recommend this. I saw this movie a couple of years ago and was taken by its campy nature, its absurdity and irreverence.

No, its not a French version of Naked Gun and its certainly not a Bourne or Bond wannabe, its humor, its camp and its a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Unless you speak French you'll be reading the subtitles while you enjoy the french accents and if you're game for that be prepared since European comedy timing is a bit different than what passes for humor here in the States.

Overall I really enjoy this movie. Looking for something different? Give it a try, but know that there's no guarantee that you'll like it, only that you'll likely appreciate a different perspective on what passes for humor.

See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English. Look, it's not a "great" film by any means, but depending on your mood it's a stylish piece of completely politically incorrect fun.

It's silly, zany and stylish and passes a nice couple of hours, hence the 4 stars. Was a bit worried it wouldn't be subtitled at first but it is subtitled in English as well as the original French of course, as most French movies are.

It's as good as many such films of such comic genre. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again.

I bought it as a tentative of improving my French.

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